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Ebru Keskin Turned Up

Ebru Keskin Turned Up Şarkı Sözleri

White-girl - White-girl gone ratchet (yeah yeah) (x2)

Verse I:
I be in the club with a pocket full of K.
Bet your baby daddy wanna fly me to LA
I just got my visa politicking through the states
Just got some OG Kush now it's time to celebrate
I probably in the VIP taking flicks with your man
He said he wanna know if I can do it with no hands
Yeah we live la vida loca sipping on that mocha
Red bottoms right left twins Amber rose
If you ain't a six figure get it don't approach her
Asked me why I stay fly because I'm supposed to
My B**** right here my stone Crystal-clear
You ain't tryna take me shopping poof poof disappear

B**** you know I'm turned up, turned up (x8)

Verse II:
If you're tryna play me on my money that's a no no
I'mma call Nico get that Gadget he like go-go
Bet your man know I ride that stick like a pogo
And Benjamin is Tatted on my wrist cause that's my logo
He gonna hit this p**** on his knees better hit it right
I'm from overseas Germany better get it right
I'm on Instagram spray tanned taking selfies
Been around the world what a basic B**** can tell me
Just put them zeros in my bank account
When I'm in the Gucci store I takem out
And my mama say you crazy what happened to my baby
Mama I don't know but you can borrow my Mercedes Hook: B**** you know I’m turned up, turned up 8X

White-girl - White-girl gone ratchet (yeah yeah) 2x

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